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  • Time to Reactivate?

Time to Reactivate?

Has your account gone inactive?  Consider re-activating with my Team?

  • The rules have changed!  With Scentsy, the old rules required you to sell at least  $150 every 3 months to stay active.  NOW you just have to sell any amount (even $1) during the months of Aug – Dec and you will then be able to remain active for one year.
  • There are lots of new benefits- You now have the luxury to buy Scentsy for yourself (and even close family and friends) without the pressure of having to sell $150 every 3 months.  You can do Scentsy for fun instead of having to make Scentsy a part-time business.  Sell and buy Scentsy when it is convent for you.
  • Many more options! If you choose to reinstate and it has been less than 6 months you must stay with most recent sponsor.  If it has been over 6 months you can either stay with the sponsor you were with or choose a new sponsor of your choice (any current active Scentsy consultant).
  • How to choose a new sponsor:-= Your sponsor should be a resource of information.  Whether you choose Scentsy as a full time business or choose to sell Scentsy for fun to family and friends, your sponsor should be able to support you in your Scentsy journey.